Non-Smoking Policy

To make your stay at our hotel to be comfortable, please be certain to read the following "Non-Smoking Policy" of our hotel.
We ask you to make reservations and stay with us after confirming and in agreement with the details.

1. Hotel for Non-Smokers

Nonsmokers Hotel will be operating as a hotel only offering its service to "non-smoking" guests from August 1st, 2012, in order to provide a comfortable stay for non-smokers (However, for those guests who have already made a reservation before July 20, 2012, we welcome your stay with your signature of consent, as before). Therefore, we would like to inform "smokers" that we will not be able to provide any of our service to "smokers" from August 1st, 2012, even if it is promised that you will not smoke during your stay with us.

2. If it is Revealed that a Guest is a Smoker at the time of Check-In or After Check-In

Reservations can be made through our website etc. However, if it is revealed that a guest is a smoker at the day of their arrival,
we will refuse to check-in (hereinafter defined as "Conclusion of Contract for Overnight Stay") such guest.

Additionally, if it is revealed that a guest is a smoker after check-in, we will immediately terminate Contract for Overnight Stay.
We will then ask you to leave the hotel and pay a penalty for breach of contract of JPY50,000 (for termination of contract and penalty for breach of contract due to the guest's statement to us containing false details).

For your information, please understand beforehand that not only limiting to our employees actually confirming any of our guests smoking in our non-smoking areas (entire premises including the hotel building, and public space such as in front of the front entrance, outside passageway, and emergency stairs), but also including cases such as if we confirm that any of our guests are in possession of cigarettes, when finding cigarette ends in our guest’s room, or if the smell of cigarettes are confirmed in a room stayed by such guest by multiple employees, we will determine that such guest is a smoker.

3. Confirming at the time of Reservation or Check-In

In order to ensure our "Non-Smoking Policy", we will inform that the "Entire Building is Completely Non-Smoking" to our guests at the time when reservations are made through the website and others, and also at the time of check-in. In addition, we will have guests state that "I am a non-smokers".

Furthermore, along with the above statement, we will explain the following at the time of check-in;
(1) "Entire Building is Completely Non-Smoking" at our hotel, and (2) If we find out that our non-smoking policy has not been complied with, or if a guest is a smoker, we will ask such guest to leave our hotel and pay "penalty for breach of contract of JPY50,000".

We will ask for your agreement to this and only check-in guests who have signed our consent form.

4. About the JPY50,000 Penalty for Breach of Contract

The JPY50,000 which we will have guests pay when our agreement has not been complied with is a "penalty for breach of contract" payment based on the default of the Contract for Overnight Stay, concluded between our hotel and the guest,
and is not a "fine" as criminal punishment.

For your information, the "JPY50,000 penalty for Breach of Contract" paid by the guest will all be donated to "Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, The Japan Cancer Society (non smoking fund)" or "The Japan Society for Tobacco Control (tobacco counter-measure fund)", organizations supporting antismoking campaigns.

* We will apply the same policy for guests other than overnight stay (such as using the hotel room only during the day).

Representative Executive Makoto Takamatsu
July 20, 2012